Napalm Man vs. the GRMRB by Main Finger

My brother Jesse, aka Main Finger, has just set up a bandcamp account. His first release are the songs he did for the Grand Robot Master Remix Battle

Here is the official album description:

This free album collects all of my entries for the Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011. In this competition hosted by the OverClocked ReMix community, contestants chose a robot master, then went head to head in one on one remix battles making songs that incorporated both the elements of their own Robot Master theme and their Opponents

The tracks are free so you should definitely check them out.

He also set up a music page over on Facebook, so head over there as well!

7 July 2011

The Blog of Jonah Gregory

Hello, my name is Jonah. I am currently a co-writer on the narrative podcast "SAYER", which is a part of the GeeklyInc family of podcasts. I have written for various other sites over the years about video games and other geeky topics. Those sites include, where I was Editor-In-Chief for four years,, and

I was also the writer and creator of the all-ages comic book "Here There Be Robots." You can still read through the archives on the comic's website, or order a print edition if that's more your thing.

I have mostly left the writing about geek culture behind to focus on new projects, writing short stories, etc. This blog is where I post random thoughts, project updates, and things I find amusing. Also cat pics.